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About Us

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"Higher Quality Is Our Exclusive Rival"

Photon is a promising brand name in automotive lighting industry with soaring reputation by its distinctive products.

Our broad range of capabilities includes creating new, more efficient, more sufficient and more competitive products for automotive lighting industry.

Photon is a designer and co-manufacturer of Automotive innovation products, Halogen bulbs, and highly engineered Xenon bulbs.

Being concentrated on innovation; our eager and enthusiastic development continues to spread high quality products to Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa lately.

we have achieved thousands of gratitudes till today

At Photon Design, we imagine how to be distinguished while fulfilling people's high quality needs and desires when we clearly understand what they are and that’s why we don't stop developing new products by hoping to have the satisfaction and gratitude from customers.

We are passionate about intelligent lighting systems for automotive.

Our inspiration comes from dreaming a product's better aspect! With this insight, our international, multi-disciplinary and diverse design team is able to develop more competitive and relevant solutions that anticipate people's needs, exceed their expectations and enhance our customers' business success.